324th update: Museum 21/?

update v33.5

- Natural science museum has come to an end!
- New museum type from tomorrow

- Aded 2 sets of ancient dishes to dispay
- Added a ready-to-use giant expositor filled with antienc items
- Added 2 hanging ancient carpets
- Added a little statue holding a gem (4 colors) on a pedestal


Let's have some zooms:

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v33.5.zip 57 MB
Jul 04, 2021

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I went away for 2 weeks and I'm in awe to see all the updates I missed. I cannot express how beautiful and professional these updates look. You even managed to do modern office revamp with all the natural museum stuff. You are just awesome!

PS. I believe a lot of us will be sad when the interior tileset pack will be finished so maybe while doing the outer sprites you will be able to add a few sprites to this pack for example every 2 weeks or so...


ahaha thanks Aidas, I missed your comments!
I always try to challenge myself with each new theme adding stuff that I would have never even tried attempted until a few months ago, I believe that's the key for a real improvement and also to impress and surprise the audience!

I have a couple of ideas to keep bringing interior stuff while doing the exteriors! ;)


I'm sure now you can pretty much tackle any theme! 

Glad to hear that you are planning to give some love to this pack even after 400th update. I can only wonder how many sprites will you reach till then: +30 000? +40 000?!?

Happy vacation and thanks for your work :)


ahahah I'm not sure about the sprite counter, it'll be pretty impressive for sure!
Now I'm back and ready to complete this Interiors journey!