326th update: Museum 23/?

update v33.8

 - The paleontology museum has started!

- Added 2 small sets of random fossil pieces/skulls for the small size displayer
- Added 2 medium sets of random fossil pieces/skulls for the medium size displayer
- Added 1 large set of random fossil pieces/skulls for the large size displayer
- Added 2 small sets of ammonites for the small size displayer
- Added 2 big hanging fish fossils and the related lectern book page

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v33.7.zip 58 MB
Jul 08, 2021

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I was eager for the fossil section!!! Thank you, this is awesome!! 💜

You are welcome shild, the fossil theme has just begun! ;)


hey there. nice work again :) 

btw. i did send you an email a few days ago about some commission work, but you didnt get around to mailing me back yet. i was thinking a little bit more about it and i guess you can disregard it and i will write you a new one in detail about what i need.

btw. do you have / use aseprite? i could send an example file. if not, i could send you the layers separately to explain what id need.

Oh, I forgot to switch the email notifs on when I came back from my short vacation! Ok, then I'm waiting for your next email! Yes, I use Aseprite to draw pixel art!


I just send you the mail. Btw. i forgot to add that the matter is not super time sensitive, so if it takes a little longer to finish everything, thats no problem for me. forgot to add that :D

Alright Gaijin, I'm checking it now ;)


Great work! Thank you!

You are welcome dejaime! :)


Nice fossils! I recently found a game on Google play called: TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! The game has many fossils in pixel art. Maybe it will give you more ideas or just inspiration. Here some screenshots: 

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(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for the ideas Aidas, I really like the dinosaur pedestals! The skeletons are also very cool, I'm gonna keep an eye on them if I get stuck! I'm not used to have pixel art references cause I don't want my result to be similar to other pixel art pieces, so for this specific theme I'm using 360° 3D models and photos I took myself 5 years ago in Florence!


In Tap! Dig! Museum! you build the skeletons piece by piece so it might still be able to help you with ideas for "bits" even if you want to avoid being too influenced by the full skeletons. I really appreciate that you don't want to be influenced though. Once you're done with your museum updates I'd recommend playing the game, however, as it is very charming.

(As an aside, the museum updates are what finally convinced me I had to buy this pack, even though I will probably never use it, because I just love looking at your art so much, and how hard you work to make original art, and I wanted to chip in a little bit that I could afford.)


I'm gonna give it a try then! Yes the piece by piece element is interesting! I'm happy the museum theme convinced you to buy the asset, any support really helps! <3