352th update: Character Generator Evolution 12/?

update v36.4

 The time to give the Character Generator a boost has come: the old missing animations, brand-new animations and options will be added in the next few days! Firstly I'll design all the new animations and add them to the "body" files, then I'm gonna update all the "hairstyles", "outfits" etc. files   
- Added 5 different "Book" files to the "Character_Generator"
- Designed the first updated Outfit file (this took a lot) and added the update version of the "Outfit_011" + 2 new recolors


*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v36.4.zip 102 MB
Aug 03, 2021

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I can't wait to play with this, but I have to wait till next week! I guess it means I'll have more spirites to play with by then;)

ehehe ye I can't wait to see you all are gonna do with the new animations! In a week it might be 100% ready too ;)


Having these sprites doing all kind of different things is so helpful. <3
I think the "pick up" animation is still my favorite. Thanks again for all the work you put into this set.


You are welcome Mara! The pick-up will be useful indeed, I also plan to add things that are more designed to be picked up!