357th update: Character Generator Evolution 17/?

update v36.9

 The time to give the Character Generator a boost has come: the old missing animations, brand-new animations and options will be added in the next few days! Firstly I'll design all the new animations and add them to the "body" files, then I'm gonna update all the "hairstyles", "outfits" etc. files   
- Fixed a mistake made on the gun idle animation where the body was 1 pixel thinner. To do so I had to fix and resave all the bodies and the outfits done so far @-@
- Updated and Added 3 new recolors to the "Outfit_013" (the old fishmonger outfit)

- Here's the list of the outfits with all the updated animations:

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v36.9.zip 109 MB
Aug 08, 2021

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What software should I use to open the ".ase" suffix file?

Hi poxiao! It's the Aseprite software suffix! Aseprite is the software I use to draw pixels, and in each .ase file I supply every layer and frame :)


Someday this pack will go up to 1 GB! XD


ahahahah ye it's getting huge

That's what she they said!


Some of those old costumes had nearly no animations. I'm so happy I can now fulfill my dream game about fishmonger with guns acting as vigilante during the night!

Indeed, some of them just had idle and run! Now the freedom level is over the top ehehe