373th update: Character Generator Evolution 33/33

update v38.5

We made it!!!
After a full month updating the Character_Generator it's ready!
I'm pretty sure there are still some little bugs cause we are ahead of hundreds of single files
- Revised and fixed all the bugs and wrong frames affecting all the hairstyles files (almost all of them had mismatched colors with the Hurt animation, now they are all fixed)
-Fixed random bugs around the whole system
- Added 20 premade characters to the new related folder ("0_Premade_Characters")
- Added a "spritesheet_animation_GUIDE" file with the info of each animation, row by row

- Here's the list of the premade characters with all the updated animations:

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v38.5.zip 131 MB
Aug 24, 2021

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Your work is honestly incredible. Thank you for all of this its inspiring me to get back into gamedev.


You are welcome TheLast, it's so satisfying to read that I've inspired someone <3


Premade characters? Dang, the lazy in me is screaming in joy!


ahahaha indeed I made them for the lazy of you :P


This is truly amazing. I’m thinking about making a Godot asset that generates a random character with all the animations. This way we could populate e.g. an open-world with lots of NPCs.


I may be up for helping if open source!


This would be really cool guys, it has to be linked on the asset main page in case!