387th update: Gym additional files and designs

update v39.9

New stuff from tomorrow until the 400th update!


 - Added the shadowless version of the new gym tileset
- Added the new gym sprites as single files 
- Added the new gym sprites as single shadowless files 
- Added 2 layer by layer gym designs to the "Home_Designs" folder


*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v39.9.zip 134 MB
Sep 08, 2021

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How long do you think it will take you before you publish exteriors, after finishing interiors?

I think from 1 to 2 weeks, not much time anyways cause I don't really need to have plenty of ready stuff to publish it, since it'll get daily updates!


Do you already know how many daily updates it will receive?


The plan is to update it for 360-400 days like the Interiors!


So about 1 month from now ;) Can't wait to see what you start with :D