392th update: TV and Film Studio additional files + more 3D walls

update v40.4

- 8
I'm not gonna start any big theme but only little ones that can be completed in 4-5 days!

  - Added the shadowless version of the TV studio tileset
- Added the TV studio sprites as single files 
- Added the TV studio sprites as single shadowless files 
- Added 1 layer by layer TV studio designs to the "Home_Designs" folder
- Added 5 more 3D walls to the "Room_Builder" and its related subfile



*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v40.4.zip 135 MB
Sep 13, 2021

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Oh, no! I'm late for the countdown!
I mean... 7!

ehehe you are not you are not ;)


¿Existe una lista de las futuras actualizaciones?. Es para ver no comprar otros recursos en caso de que venga en próxima actualización. Eres un dios.

No hay una lista, pero quedan 7 días, ¡luego publicará toda la parte relacionada en un nuevo paquete!

- Google Translate


Probably last theme will start tomorrow... Since you won't be able to fit in restaurants(etc.) will you maybe make separate pack "modern fooderies"? :P 

I plan to make 2 more mini-themes before the end, I'll try to push a little bit more to draw more sprites! Something like Modern Fooderies have to be made at some point, next year gonna be huge!!!


Good luck! Just don't overwork yourself!

It's the final shot but yes, I'll take care of my health too, thanks Areinu <3


So hyped for the last updates!

Ahh I'm almost gonna cry, this is really coming to an end t-t


If you gonna cry it should be tears of joy because you really made something beautiful!


You are right Aidas, it's just like I raised a son that's now moving home. It's an happy event tho but it also makes me a little sad! Just a little, couse a new son will born soon ehehe