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This asset will provide you with some of the essential elements you are going to need for your RPG games!

Compatible with Modern Interiors

thank you for the 3000+ downloads 

- Totally Free
- Crisp and cozy pixel art style
- Terrains, trees, rocks, mushrooms, etc.
- 24 different houses
- Animated objects

* The characters are from Modern Interiors

Construct 3 autotiles supplied
GameMakerStudio2 import tutorial
For anything, post a comment below :)

Suggested and compatible assets:

Check my other stuff here: LimeZu


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Serene_Village_revamped_v1.6.zip 409 kB

Development log


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Would it be possible to make autotiles for RPG Maker MV as well? I'm new to RPG Maker and am struggling to make them myself ;-; 

Thanks again for this adorable set!

Hi Cyol, I'm gonna try add them i the next few days ;)

Thank you so much!!!!!! Sorry for the trouble!!


Could you make this one in RPG maker XP format as well? I tried to do it myself but the buildings were only as tall as the people. Also could you add a repeatable tree pattern thank you. Sorry for asking so soon after the interiors.

Hi Warock,
I'll update it for the XP in the next few days :)

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I saw that you messaged someone that you are working on a modern exterior pack. What would that consist of? Would it have store fronts and all of that? I am hoping to make a point and click mystery game similar to Thimbleweed Park and I'm looking for assets that would work for that.


Hi Zach! The modern exterior asset will feature streets, various building, shops etc at the start, then it will receive loads of updates like my interiors asset! So ye, store fronts and all of that! ;)

That's awesome! Great work by the way! (:

Thank you Zach!

It could be cool to have an animation of a tree getting chopped down, or rocks splitting open or something!

Either way, love all your artwork


Thanks for the advice, I may add them in future ;)


Hey, I know you said it's okay to edit this but I wanted to show you what I've done :) I went ahead and make a winter version and I'm working on a cave version right now :D

Of course I'll be crediting you, and sending you a free copy of it if you'd like :)


This is really cool!!! Good job!


I am a developer making an indie game.
The tileset is so pretty that I want to use it. Is it okay?
If it is released, it will be on the Google Play Store.
The game is in production, and if you give permission, we will leave a comment after release.


Hi! Sure, you are allowed to use it, remember to credit me and show me the game when released that I'm curious ;)

Thank you very much!! Would it be okay to use your other free creations as well?

For such purpose, you can use each of my free assets except Modern Interiors, its free version is more like a “demo” and as stated in the “READ_ME” .txt  you are only allowed on private purposes if you don’t pay at least 1.20$ (the minimum to get the complete version)


Thanks! :)

You are welcome, ginger! :)

Is there a player character in it?

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Hi Lion, as stated below the image, the characters showed are from Modern Interiors

Could you make a Christmas-themed tileset? Could you make a Christmas-themed tileset? if yes do a paid and a free (with fewer resources) because I do not have a dollar to buy XD

You should come out with an expansion to this with Christmas/Ice/snow themed content :) Even if you charge a little extra I think it'd be outstanding <3


I'm gonna think about it in the upcoming holidays, it'll be for free in case ;)

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I want to make my game and also want to teach people on yt can I use them for protoyping?

Hi Roboki! Sure, you are allowed to do so! Just remember to post here your videos that I'm curious ;)


OK thanks

You are welcome!


I have Started the series but I have not used your tileset yet here is the playlist


Awesome, gonna check it out later! 

The water animation on MV doesn't seem to work. How do you go about doing such a thing?

Hi! The water animation has too many frames to be adapted for the MV

(1 edit) (+1)

Okay, well then for anyone else using this for MV I made a rough version of some water that works :)  It's not the best but if it helps anyone out then it's a win in my book :) 2 versions, the first one if you want to use the sides of the texture pack provided, and the third is if you only want it on grass and want to save some time :) (Second one does not work with sand) Keep in mind the animation's kind of weird but it still looks good enough imo


I want to make an online game, can I use it?
And can I change the color of this Asset to red to feel the scenery of hell or change it to another color to give a different feeling

(1 edit)

Ye sure, you are allowed to ;)


Thank you for allowing me. Thank you for making this wonderful Asset.

You are welcome! Good luck with your project :)


can I use this asset in a game that I would sell in stores ?  i won't sell the asset, but the game. is that fine

Sure, you are allowed to! Remember to credit me somewhere and show me the game if you want ;)


hi, i downloaded your asset pack and im using it on construct 3. is there any way you could tell me how to auto tile on that because its hard to make make the paths right now.


btw amazing pack!

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Hi mark, I tried using the 16 tiles  as template to autotile the grass, and it works pretty well (the template doesn't have inner corners tho)

I'm gonna add a new folder with all of them in some hours :)


hi, thanks for replying, ill wait for the new folder!

Just added! Hope they work as expected.
I'm totally new to Construct so I may have done things wrong!

thanks so much!! ill go try it out!


Hi! Love your work. Could you add some snow to the tileset? A sort of snow feeling would be great and i would gladly sponsor with some money! 

Hi darcy, I'm gonna try to add some snow around in the near future. It's gonna be free for sure ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm new to autotiles, but I used your ground sprite to practice. I had to remove the large stones because I failed to make them look nice in autotiles. 

I put that here for who want to use it !
(I haven't tried if it matches all the other "static" sprites, so it's just a test)

Now I will try to do the same for the water and the coast, and the hill...
(the framing didn't make my task easier: D)

Thank you for making this available to everyone! :)


It's normal, I just assembled the sprites :)

(As Serene Village is free, I took the liberty of posting it, hope you don't mind)

Sure, I don't mind! :)

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Damn ! Congrats ! Crazy how this quality assets can be free ...

Did you plan to expand the outdoor assets  (like school, church, store, ans others...) ?


Hi nico, don't know how but I missed your comment!
Another exterior assset is in the making, it'll be modern and can contain for sure the things you listed!


Don't worry, it's ok :)

I'm glad to read that, and a little bit excited !


Glad to hear it! The interiors pack is amazing, but needs an exterior in the same style. Looking forward to it!


Thanks for the support guys :)


I am dying to see the interior design to update the Phil Alone :D

I will make a new version of the game after the new assets come! ^^

And congrats for the exterior, it looks amazing!

Hi Gabriel, thanks for the comment! The interior stuff of Serene Village is not going to be revamped, cause there's already everything in Modern Interiors! :)


This looks so beautiful.

It reminds me a little bit of Animal Crossing and I love Animal Crossing

Thank you so much! :)



thank you! :)


glad you could re-make this :D

Thank you thank you! It was necessary cause the old one had a different palette from modern interiors! 


Could you possibly set this up to be used with RPG Maker MV, please? I want my Halloween project to have an outdoor area too.


Ye sure, I’m gonna add the files today ;)


Thanks :)

(1 edit)

These aren't the right size but I guess I won't have an outside area in my game.

Hi, I guess I solved it, now it works in mine

You should make the characters for XP. I'm having a hard time with getting them to look right :(

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi Xyphien, I guess you mean the characters from modern interiors, right?
I tried to make one of them for the XP, give me a feedback cause I don't actually own that RPG MAKER 


That's very crazy man! I want some monsters like zombies or something like that.

Don't worry I will support you.


yeah a character and monster pack would be dope


That’s would be cool indeed, I’m gonna think about it! ;)


I agree, a character pack would be outstanding!


No way this is free bro? Do you have a patreon?

Thank you!! I'm still looking forward to a kitchen/restaurant tileset.(If that's in the works)

Also if you're open to creating a top-down monster/npc set that would be awesome. 


You are welcome! :)

I didn’t want this to have a cost cause the original version was free! 

I still don’t have a patreon, but I plan to open one with the next asset being released!

The kitchen update of Modern Interiors got postponed due to Halloween, I’m gonna create it from the 1st of November! :)