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This asset will provide you with some of the essential elements you are going to need for your RPG games!

Compatible with Modern Interiors

thank you for the 5700+ downloads 

- Totally Free
- Crisp and cozy pixel art style
- Terrains, trees, rocks, mushrooms, etc.
- 24 different houses
- Animated objects

* The characters are from Modern Interiors

Construct 3 autotiles supplied
GameMakerStudio2 import tutorial
For anything, post a comment below :)

Suggested and compatible assets:

Check my other stuff here: LimeZu


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Serene_Village_revamped_v1.9.zip 622 kB

Development log


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I am trying to build a map with moving water but the tile that I am using for the borders on the island also are including the still water. Is there a way to cut this off or is there another tileset with only the border and not the water? Thanks!

I just ended up making my own sprite sheet with the borders cut out if anyone wants to use it! 

It is a great asset, but it would be perfect if you could add:

- farm harvesting plants

- character animation cutting trees

- character animation harvesting plants

- character animation fishing

- More tiles from different seasons like summer, and winter

Hello, I have a few suggestions for this package:

- New buildings and construction stages, a destroyed version for each building style would be cool;

- Environment elements such as lava, snow, sand and swamp tiles.

Thanks a lot.



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hi thanks for the asset, i bought your modern interiors one too. i'm just wondering how to use the tiles in such a way that there is no dead area. Like in the rocks or bushes when I use the tile map there is no background for that tile. How to get grass in the background + bush so everything looks connected. Thank you

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. It had to do with sorting layers. 

Can use this asset for making game

Do you plan on expanding outdoors tileset in the same style soon?

I know you work more on moddren ones but this style would make a cute farming game!

* I'm Japanese and use Google Translate to write this comment.
So I'm sorry for my poor English.

Hello LimeZu!
I saw this asset being used without credit in twitter ads for the mobile app "Evertale" by ZigZaGame INC.
(Many advertisements are collected in the twitter account "エバーテイル広告まとめ (@evert_ad )")

May I explain the details here if you need it?
Or should I contact you by email?


Could you add a tree chopping down animation. I kinda need it soon so if you cant, do you know any other free assets that have this? thanks!


Hi devgoat! the tree chopping animation is not planned, I'm sorry! 


Am I allowed to edit these assets?

Hi aboykiy, yes you are allowed to edit them!

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Cool, thanks :)

Is there an animation of a tree getting chopped down?

it would be very useful for my game.

Please,  add more items that are also compatible with Modern Interiors

Could you add more items?

- farm harvesting plants

- character animation in harvesting trees

- character animation in the harvest of plants

- character animation fishing

- More tiles from different seasons like summer, winter (ice / snow) and biomes like desert, swamp.




Could you explain how to upload these to RPG Maker MV? The folder states that they all need to be added to images BCDE. If that's the case then how do you get the animated water tiles.  Excellent tileset overall!!

Hi Kaiju! To import the stuff you need to open the Resource Manager and add the tilesets to the "img/tilesets" section :)
The water animation is not compatible atm cause it has a loop of 13 frames and the rpg maker max allowed frames are 4!

What software did you use to make your preview images? I'm having an issue where some of the tiles don't quite match up for some reason.

Which tiles don't match up? I have used aseprite for the preview images!

It's the beach scene, and a few.

The square on top of the beech seems to only fit once.

The curves also don't seem to fit right.

It may just be me, but I can show you a screenshot if it would help.

I checked and you were right indeed, there were some beach-grass tiles missing, damn! Any more to report?
I've just updated the .zip and thank you, btw! :)

I love all of your tilesets so much! I would gladly pay for some farming assets if you ever make those :) I am trying to draw my own, but yours are so much better! Thanks for your work :D


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Really beautiful tiles. They are so vibrant and fresh.

Are there any plans to add a cave entrance any time soon, or will I be better adding that myself?

EDIT: I decided to purchase your bundle. Keep up the good work :)

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Do any of your resource packs have grave stones? If not, here's what my friend's grave looks like because I'd like to add it to my game.


Thanks for pic prof. ;) gonna draw a similar one

Hi am currently making a game in GameMaker 2 for my bachelor thesis in computer science and is using this asset for said game. I just wanted to say that it's a really amazing asset! One thing however, in game maker when making tile animations you have to make it a power of 2, so 2,4,8,16,32..etc frames long. However the animated water in this asset pack seem to be 14 frames long?  448 in width for a 32x32 for example. Is there a specific reason for this? We have had to do our own water because of this and well..let's just say it's not looking great. Anyways just wanted to let you know that we are really impressed by all the asset after trying to make sprites ourselves!


Hi Oakman, I wasn't aware of that GM2 requirement, there's not a specific reason for it being 14 frames, it just cycle with tha number. I'm gonna try to add 2 frames in it someways ;)

Awesome! Thank you very much!

Hey weird question, but how did you get that link to Creative Commons to show up like that? I want a link like that.


you can attach a link to an image by clicking on the image ;)

Alright, thanks for letting me know!


Your packs are very interesting =)
I was wandering if they contain tiles for a farm ?
barn, hay, animals, wooden carts, shovel, other tools, etc
Maybe in another set ?


When I will update this pack I'm gonna consider some farm stuff ;)

Please do!!


I love this pack and your others! Would you ever consider doing a city/town tileset in the same style?

Thanks Manlibear! Yep, it's in the making ;)

Awesome! I'll keep my eyes out



This looks really nice! Thanks for releasing these for free! :D


You are welcome Emily :)

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Here's an idea of what colors my friends house should be in case if you can't tell in the photo I sent you. I edited house colors in Photoshop to show you what colors my friend's house should be. The door might be white though but I can't entirely remember. 


Nice work.  It's a cute little tilset isn't it, Professor?

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Would it be possible to make autotiles for RPG Maker MV as well? I'm new to RPG Maker and am struggling to make them myself ;-; 

Thanks again for this adorable set!


Hi Cyol, I'm gonna try add them i the next few days ;)

Thank you so much!!!!!! Sorry for the trouble!!


Could you make this one in RPG maker XP format as well? I tried to do it myself but the buildings were only as tall as the people. Also could you add a repeatable tree pattern thank you. Sorry for asking so soon after the interiors.

Hi Warock,
I'll update it for the XP in the next few days :)

I don't need the tree pattern if you don't want to make it.

Hi Warock, I've just added the stuff you asked for :)

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I saw that you messaged someone that you are working on a modern exterior pack. What would that consist of? Would it have store fronts and all of that? I am hoping to make a point and click mystery game similar to Thimbleweed Park and I'm looking for assets that would work for that.


Hi Zach! The modern exterior asset will feature streets, various building, shops etc at the start, then it will receive loads of updates like my interiors asset! So ye, store fronts and all of that! ;)

That's awesome! Great work by the way! (:

Thank you Zach!


It could be cool to have an animation of a tree getting chopped down, or rocks splitting open or something!

Either way, love all your artwork


Thanks for the advice, I may add them in future ;)


Hey, I know you said it's okay to edit this but I wanted to show you what I've done :) I went ahead and make a winter version and I'm working on a cave version right now :D

Of course I'll be crediting you, and sending you a free copy of it if you'd like :)


This is really cool!!! Good job!


I am a developer making an indie game.
The tileset is so pretty that I want to use it. Is it okay?
If it is released, it will be on the Google Play Store.
The game is in production, and if you give permission, we will leave a comment after release.


Hi! Sure, you are allowed to use it, remember to credit me and show me the game when released that I'm curious ;)

Thank you very much!! Would it be okay to use your other free creations as well?

For such purpose, you can use each of my free assets except Modern Interiors, its free version is more like a “demo” and as stated in the “READ_ME” .txt  you are only allowed on private purposes if you don’t pay at least 1.20$ (the minimum to get the complete version)


Thanks! :)

You are welcome, ginger! :)

Is there a player character in it?

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Hi Lion, as stated below the image, the characters showed are from Modern Interiors

Could you make a Christmas-themed tileset? Could you make a Christmas-themed tileset? if yes do a paid and a free (with fewer resources) because I do not have a dollar to buy XD

You should come out with an expansion to this with Christmas/Ice/snow themed content :) Even if you charge a little extra I think it'd be outstanding <3


I'm gonna think about it in the upcoming holidays, it'll be for free in case ;)

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I want to make my game and also want to teach people on yt can I use them for protoyping?

Hi Roboki! Sure, you are allowed to do so! Just remember to post here your videos that I'm curious ;)


OK thanks

You are welcome!


I have Started the series but I have not used your tileset yet here is the playlist


Awesome, gonna check it out later! 

The water animation on MV doesn't seem to work. How do you go about doing such a thing?

Hi! The water animation has too many frames to be adapted for the MV

(1 edit) (+1)

Okay, well then for anyone else using this for MV I made a rough version of some water that works :)  It's not the best but if it helps anyone out then it's a win in my book :) 2 versions, the first one if you want to use the sides of the texture pack provided, and the third is if you only want it on grass and want to save some time :) (Second one does not work with sand) Keep in mind the animation's kind of weird but it still looks good enough imo


I want to make an online game, can I use it?
And can I change the color of this Asset to red to feel the scenery of hell or change it to another color to give a different feeling

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Ye sure, you are allowed to ;)


Thank you for allowing me. Thank you for making this wonderful Asset.

You are welcome! Good luck with your project :)

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