236th update: Dress-up System 1/?

- update v24.7

- I decided to take a break from the Hospital theme to implement this useful feature - 
- Today I lost A LOT of time trying to figure out the best way to cut out the heads and the outfits, tomorrow I'm gonna add a lot more -
- Added a new folder called "Character Generator" and 3 new sub folders called "Heads", "Outfits" and "Hats". Each folder contains the spritesheets of the idle, the idle, and the run animations of heads, outfits (shirt, trousers and shoes) and hats
- Summing and head file and an outfit file creates the ready-to-use spritesheet of the character, that way you can create more characters and have a dress-up system in your games!
- Added 8 different heads to the Character Generator 
- Added 7 diffferent outfits  and 1 hat to the Character Generator


  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


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Apr 07, 2021

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Wow, people were really waiting for it, so many comments :)

I have some suggestions on how this could be changed to be more future-proof:

- you could have "head" instead have whole body, similar to the template naked body. This way if in the future you would like to make costume that doesn't cover whole body it would be easy to do, and you would support all skin colors.

- in the solution above hair itself would be separate from body, so you could use any hair with any body color

- things like black glasses could also be separate sheet, so you could have many more combinations, like use hat + glasses, or just hat, or just glasses. Each item would add a lot of combinations.

- maaaybe separate top and bottom for some of those clothes, so we could use different leg-wear and top, or go topless, lol. This would also multiply the amount of possible NPC combinations we can make. 

What is there is great, don't get me wrong, but if I can help make it even a bit better then I'll throw any suggestion I can think of!

Hi Areinu! Thanks for your advices!
I'm gonna add the naked body to the floating heads tomorrow, that's a good idea! Glasses are gonna be in separate files for sure! I'm still figuring out how to cut off the hairs from many head designs cause they usually have a specific color that connects the skin color with the hair color, so they are not very versatile! At the moment I plan to add more skin colors to the actual head designs, so we are going to have "Head_1", "Head_1_b" etc..

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate your feedback and I'm trying to do my best here to give you a really cool dress-up system!


Hmm, I didn't think about "hair connector", that will be tricky. I guess it could be semitransparent pixels, similar to the shadows... But then it won't be just plain cutting it into pieces and instead redrawing those parts...


I've decided to embrace all of your advices and I've started separating the hairstyles adding semi-transparent colors to connet the skin with the hair!
I've also added naked bodies so the "heads" files are not needed anymore! here


Hell yeah! This will be incredibly useful! <3 Thanks for all the hard work on this. <3 Tons of people have been asking for it and you delivered! :3


You are welcome Oasis! It's pretty complex to figure it out sometimes, but I'm trying my best!


Love this, thanks so much for the constant updates! Are you planning to make some tools eventually? Like, bench saw/table saw, anvil, furnace, things that'd fit well in a workshop setting? :D


Hi Xenoyia, after completing the dress-up system I'm gonn have way more freedom on character animations so I'm adding that stuff to the list ;)


This is a game changer. I've been working on a narrative game using your assets and this will allow for so much more variety in the characters. It's remarkable you've been able to keep up this pace for so long. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Giraffupus! I'm gonna try to give you a versatile and easy to use dress-up system and then update it with tons of new outfits!

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Hi Lime !

Is it avalaible in this update or it's an annoucement ? Because i didn't see those folders in the 24.7 version ...

Sorry if i'm stupid and didn't understand this post ^^


Hello, I'm not the creator but I happened to read your comment.

The "Character Generator" folder (and its sub folders with heads, outfits...etc) are in the "2_Characters" folder! You can find everything in there :D

the Character_Generator folder is in the "2_Characters" folder ;)
Don't worry, indeed it may be a good idea to give it a better spot ehhehe


I don't know what happened, but it looks like my ZIP file had a problem, here's what I had in it (A lot of missing folders !):

I re-downloaded the file and now everything is back to normal 😄😅
 In any case very good job as always !

PS. Any news about the Serene village ? I cann't wait to have stores, hospital, roads and other buildings or vehicles ! Even if it 's a separate paid pack ! 

Seriously, I'm ashamed that I only paid $3-4 for all your work ! Make a patreon to better reward yourself for your excellent job !

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Nice! Been looking forward to this.

One thing though: the chef hat sprites are cut off on the bottom for the run animation sprites, they should also be the same height as the other rows (twice the width of each individual sprite) with the blank space for where the rest of the body (head+outfit) should go.  (I added the missing blank space manually for my tests).


Thanks for the advice Eric, I'm gonna keep it in mind for future hats and the chef one will be fixed with tomorrow's update!


I'm exited to see this one implemented. It could open so much new posibilities!


Yes indeed and then I will be able to add many new clothes way more easily and they are gonna be accesible to any character!


Great job! Keep going :)

Thanks Chris! :)